Banks are mostly large organizations, having a large number of staff who need to interact to each other . Banks have sub branches and , branches are spread across countries mostly. To send a message to every person in your bank you can’t go to each person and deliver it , you cant even ask a person to do this job as the bank will have many branches in different regions. All you have to do is use ICTContact campign.

You can use Message Campaign , IVR Campaign, survery campaign, Email Campaign.

Message Campaign can send audio messages as well as Voice messages.

Email campaign can be used to send mails to all the employees.

IVR Campaign can be made to to get the response of the employees or you can ask the employees to record any complain or to give comments.

Survery campaign People are the best critics . If you want to improve your standard or get feedback you can sue this campaign to know the views of people.