Unified Communications Contact Center features | CRM Communications Software features

ICTContact Features



1: General

* Unified communication platform , Voice, Text, SMS and Email communciations
* Multiple campaign types to address different scenarios
* Differing dialing technologies supported
* Inbound , Outbound and API integerated Dynamic Call Center
* Campaign and call Scheduling
* Multi tenant and white label branding
* AMD, local DNC and Global DNC filtering support
* Disclaimer / Opt-out / Unsubscribe IVR (Add to DNC)
* CRM Integration
* AI & Business Automation
* Social media integration

2: Voice Communications


*  IVR Studio to design custom IVR using drag and drop tools
*  Multibranch IVR Designs
*  Custom tokens support
*  TTS , AMD and  DNC support
*   DTMF, Time condition and Menu support


     2.2 Survey

* GUI to create surveys
* Multiple questions
* 2 to 7 options per question
* Voice response support for open-ended questions
* Conditional flow of questions
* Option to transfer/talk with an agent
* Survey for inbound calls
* Complete reporting with graphs

2.3 Appointment Remainder

* Individual appointments
* Group appointments
* Appointment confirmation or cancellation options
* Multiple remainders per appointment
* Complete reporting

2.4 Integration Campaign

* 3rd party API integration
* Trigger on user response
* Push call results

2.5 IVR Campaign

* IVR Studio with drag n drop support
* Inbound and Outbound Campaigns
* Remote party API
* Conditional Flow
* Customize TTS Message (Using Contact Tokens)
* Multiple TTS Engines are supported
* Festival
* Swift (Cepstral Voice)
* Google TTS
* LumenVox TTS

2.6 Dialing Methods / Technologies

* Interactive or Press one campaign
* Power dialing
* Preview dialing
* Progressive dialing
* Call Queues / Skill groups for Automatic Call Distribution
* Callback/remote extensions i.e extension forwarding (external queues)
* Configure a dialing pace for external extensions/queues

2.7 Channel Throttling

* User or per campaign based channel control
* Channel allocation to the user according to account balance
* Up/Down arrows to control campaign channels in real-time
* Concurrent channels and CPS limit for trunks
* Overall and per node channel limits

2.8 Private Branch Exchange (PBX)

* Inbound DIDs
* Inbound and Outbound Trunks
* LCR routes, prefixes
* Prepaid style billing for outbound calls
* Outbound and Internal calling for an extension
* Forwarding inbound calls to extensions
* Inbound or internal calls can be forwarded to the following application.
* Recordings Studio
* Add to DNC list
* Forward to extension

2.9 Interactive Voice Response

* IVR branching based on user input or status of the last application
* Common call application like Answer and Hangup
* Applications to play recordings or get user input
* Answering Machine Detection, and add to don’t call list application
* Variable, and time-based conditions
* Applications to spell out or pronounce date, time, and digits
* Text to Speech application with custom fields/tokens
* Application to transfer the call or start recording
* DTMF and Delay support to traverse through remove IVR menus
* CallerID related applications
* Integration application to invoke third-party APIs

2.10: Law Compliance

* Global and user-specific DNC Lists
* Time restrictions
* CallerID enforcement
* Campaign scheduling
* Enforced Disclaimer, Opt-out, Unsubscribe option or Do Not Call Safe Harbor
* Call recording
* Channel Throttling or Dialing predicatively for FTC compliance

3: SMS Communications

* Personalized message support (Using Contact Tokens)
* Confirmation and cancellation URLs
* Inbound SMS support for Feedback, DNC, and Surveys
* Built-in support for URL shortener
* Unicode messaging support
* Concatenated / Multipage Messages
* Message Delivery Report
* Billing support for GSM-7, UTF-8, and for Unicode
* SMPP, HTTP based trunk support

4: Email Communications

* Personalized message support (Using Contact Tokens)
* Confirmation and cancellation links
* Embedded images support
* Attachment support
* Forced Footer for disclaimers and unsubscribe links

5: Unified Communication

* Campaign for multiple services like
* Voice
* Text
* Email
* Unified contact
* Multi-service billing
* Separate routes and rates for each kind of service
* Option to block Mobile phones

6: Accessibility

* Quick campaign launch, i.e one-page campaign
* Reusable resources i.e campaign, recordings, IVR designs, and other types of messages
* Record voice messages over phone call
* Dynamic report base on date range
* Search and data filtration, and sorting options

7: Bulk Operations

* Import / Export Contacts using XLS or CSV
* Export Campaign results
* Export CDRs
* Custom CSV import support
* Import / Export Routes / Rates using CSV

8: Contact Management

* Unified contacts
* Custom Contact Fields
* Option to introduce additional/extra contact fields
* Dedicated fields to hold contact status and disposition
* Retry/Reattempt failed campaign contacts
* Use Secondary and Territory contact as alternative on retries
* Schedule and expiry features for campaign contacts
* Contact Group / Multiple Group support
* Generate new contact groups or launch new campaigns from existing campaign results
* Duplicate contact filtration
* Import / export Contacts using CSV
* Custom CSV files are supported

8.1 Feed from External Data Sources

* Link contact groups to external databases
* Fetch updated contacts in real-time

8.2 CNAM, HLR Lookup

* HLR Lookup to fetch extra contact information
* Contact filtration based on CNAM / HLR data

9: Message / Media Management

* Survey Designer
* IVR Designer
* Appointment Message Designer
* IVR/Call based Recording studio
* GUI based recording management
* Create recording from texts.
* Option to play and download recordings
* Create Email templates using HTML
* Customize SMS and email templates via tokens
* Multiple Quality options for Fax
* Option to view and download the fax documents.

10: Live Monitoring

* Live Campaign progress
* Active call list
* Queue and Agent Statistics
* System statistics

11: Reports

* Summary and detail reports for campaigns
* Complete log of call activity
* Report filtration options like success, failed, and failure reason
* Billing / CDR Reports
* Separate report for each type of campaign
* Print or Export reports to CSV files
* Client input / DTMF logging and reporting
* Call Recordings and media reports
* Generate custom report using date range

12: Integrations

* WHMCS licensing integrated module
* Rest APIs for Contact and Campaigns Management
* Rest APIs for Provisioning and user management
* Rest APIs for User System Management
* Push Call Status
* 3rd party SOAP and REST APIs integration in IVR
* Integration campaign
* JWT Token or username/password based authentication for APIs

13: Call Center

* Inbound / Outbound Dialing
* Agent panel / dashboard
* Live agents and Agent presence
* WebRTC based Web phone
* Agent scripts / Dialogue
* Remote CallerID for agents
* CRM Integration / Call Popup
* Attended and blind call transfer
* Live statistics for agents and queues
* Agent Supervision, listen or barge into live calls
* Call recordings
* Call Queues / Skill groups and Music on hold
* Agent performance reports
* Agent Evaluation
* Automated call flagging
* Evaluation forms
* Agent Evaluation reports

13.1 Campaign Management

* Multiple campaign support
* Quick campaign launch, i.e one-page campaign
* Custom CallerID, or Anonymous CallerID support for each campaign
* Pause / Resume or forcefully complete a campaign
* Weekly or Monthly schedule support for campaigns
* Live campaign progress monitoring, and real-time channel control
* Option to re-launch an already completed campaign
* Support to launch new campaign straight from the filtered result of the existing campaign

13.2 Agent Operations

* Presence setting for the agent can select a reason for the break
* Option to Leave/Join a specific campaign
* Basic phone functionality like, answer, hold, and hangup calls
* CallerID and Contact related information on the screen
* Fetch and display contact data from an external source via popup
* Ability to transfer calls with customer data
* Activate call recording
* Dynamically generated script to read for agents
* WrapUp time between calls to update client status
* Click to Dial from Contact List
* Manual outbound dialing
* Power dialing modes
* Progressive Dialing
* Preview Dialing

13.3 Call Operations

* Basic phone functionality like, answer, hold, and hangup calls
* Ability to transfer calls to the supervisor or other agents
* Activate/Deactivate Call recording using DTMF
* Automated Interactions to assist agents during live calls
* Drop/play recordings for the client
* Redirect the client to Agent Rating application
* Redirect the client to IVR
* Redirect to appointment confirmation
* Call Disposition
* Contact update
* Status update
* Reschedule Callback

13.4 Call Center Supervision

* Force a Call to hangup
* Call Spying, Whisper, and Barge options
* Live Agent Monitoring
* Agent statistics
* Force logout agents

14: Performance and Scalability

* Scalable to thousands of concurrent channels
* Database Load balancing to address heavy load
* Table partitioning to address large data sets
* Campaign Load balancing for Voice traffic

15: Internationalization

* Multi Language interface
* User specific timezone
* Unicode support
* Ready for international A-Z routing / Dialing

16: Security

* Comprehensive permission and role management
* Protection against DDoS and Brute-force attacks
* Built-in Firewall
* Best Security practices

17: Backup / Fail-over

* Backup on Local and remote servers via FTP or SFTP
* Automated data synchronization between servers
* Automated service recovery in case of failure

18: MultiTenant Support

* User Resource isolation
* Authorized access to user data
* Dialplan isolation, the extension can’t be accessed by other tenants
* DID assignment to users

19: Administration

* User management
* User Credit and Payments
* Login as user option for admins
* Enforce concurrent channel limit on users
* Create dedicated or shared trunks for users
* Create queues and extensions for users
* Enforce specific CallerID or limit the user to only assigned DIDs
* Day / Time-slot restriction on per user basis

20: ITSP Features

* MultiTenant Support
* Prepaid Billing
* Rate and Routing support
* OCN based routing for ported numbers
* Multiple rate plans
* Comprehensive permission and role management
* Quota allocation for extensions, free minutes, etc…
* Packages and subscription system
* Enable/disable Feature, Resources accordingly to packages/roles
* Payment history and CDR Reports

21: Backend Technologies

* Asterisk, Kannel, and Sendmail as communication gateways
* Corosync, Pacemaker, and RabbitMQ for fail-over and load-balancing
* Monit, Collectd or TeleGraf for system monitoring
* Linux (CentOs 7), Apache, MySQL, and PHP

22: Supported Protocols

* E1/T1 and PSTN via TDM cards
* SIP, IAX and T.38 for voice and fax communication
* SMPP, SMTP, XMPP, and Jabber protocols for SMS, Email, and Instant Messaging
* WSS/Web-sockets, WebRTC for Web-based agents
* REST and SOAP for the API interface

23: Ownership

* On-premises setup
* Lifetime licensing
* Own termination SIP or PSTN, E1/T1 or other
* Open Source (with few compiled files)
* White label / Branding

24: Customization

* System settings to customize various system aspects
* Admin can set system limits and defaults
* Campaign defaults are configurable, which also can be overridden by users
* Extension and Feature code added into the configuration, also new feature code created to toggle agent status

25: Personalization and Globalization

* User has seperate web portal to manage his data and campaigns
* User is able to choice his country, language and timezone
* Mulltiple theme support and theme selection support for users

26: Support

* Free installation
* Free initial support
* Live chat, Email and Phone based support
* Easy to upgrade or get security fixes
* User and Admin guides
* On demand and yearly support packages
* Customization and Development support
* Free bug fix and security updates

27: Licensing

* Unlimited users
* Unlimited extensions / agents
* Unlimited campaigns
* Unlimited contacts and calls
* Lifetime License
* License up-gradation by paying only the difference