ICTContact offers smart WebRTC agent panel, real time call monitoring and control, reporting, call dispositions and campaign management capabilities. It can be scaled to support thousands of agents . It is simple, reliable, powerful and provides a user-friendly web portal for effective and efficient communications management.

Here is an overview of setup from agent’s perspective, Admin need login into ICTContact to add agents and set passwords.

For this log in to ICTContact as admin and create new agent.

User-Login-requirement, CRM with-Contact-Centre

Once logged in add the agent / extensions. To add the agent / extensions select the Administration menu and than select the Agents / Extensions. It will open the Agents / Extensions list. Click on the New Extension button.

Agent-Extention-Browse, Agent-Extension-List

Once clicked it will open the page like this

Create-New-Extension, CRM-will-call-centre

Enter all of the required fields and create new agent. Once the agent is created now the agent can log in to the system.

Now Agent will click on "agent login" to login into ICTContact.

Crete-New-Agent-Requirenemt, Best-CRM-Software

Now agent will be logged into the system.

A webphone will appear. Select "ready" status from drop down menu . You will listen music after succesffull connection .

Agent-Panel-Webphone, Progressive-Dialer

Visit ICTCRM application and login into ICTCRM.

Unifeid-Communication-ICTCRM, Login-into-ICTCRM

Click on sales menu , click on leads sub menu .

Best-CRM-Software, CRM-Leads-Submenu

Select leads to add into new campaign , Click on "Bulk action" button to export these leads / contacts into ICTContact.
Click on "Custom ICTContact".

Export-Leads-Contacts, Leads-to-Add-new-campaign

and it will open page like this.

Select-campaign-type, select-extension-group

Enter name of contact group, select campaign type as “agent campaign” , select extension of agent and click on save button to create and start a new campaign.

You can also monitor that whether the campaign is running or not. For this Select Campaign menu and than Campaign Management. You will see the list of campaigns.

Campaign-management, campaign-list, agent-campaign-type, extension-of-agent, CRM-with-Auto-dialler

ICTContact will start dialing contacts , first it will connect with agent , call lead and on answer , agent will connected with lead and communicate, take notes and update CRM database real time .

WebRTC panel will look like this when agent answers the call.

Webrtc-Agent-panel, CRM-With-Telephony, Agent-status-controls