ICTContact was not made just for a limited firms or a limited number of people . It is a multitenant software that will prove beneficial for everyone, even if there fields interests and goals are different , they’d still be thankful to this software for making their lives easy. Campaigns of ICTContact provides many features which are sending SMS, sending voice messages, sending emails, survey an area to know what people think, reminders etc This software will provide you facility to deal with problems in emergency too.There is a large organization, firm, bank or any other business which is spread all over the country. It has sub branches in all many cities and towns be it any school, bank, sales organization or any business that has hundreds of employees then if any emergency occurs it is going to be a fuss informing or delivering message to each person will become problematic , ICTContact can assist you in solving such issues.

For example If doctors appealed for an extra day off, from their hospital administration and they din’t come on that particular day .The administration did not approve it , to inform them about the cancellation of holiday a person will have to dial all the numbers which would consume much time .Worry not this problem can be solved by ICTContact all you have to do is create a campaign of your choice, whether you want to send voice messages or SMS for this purpose. Emails can be sent too but not everybody checks their mails as much as they check their phones so SMS campaign or Voice messgae would be perfect for this kind of situation. To create SMS campaign go to the Campaigns tab Choose Create Campaign

Select Message Campaign

Choose the contact list


Hit Save and Run

Not only can you deliver your message but also take input from your employees. You can ask what they think about a certain matter. You want to know if they are satisfied , if they have any issue , they can record their messages.

Agent Campaign can be used to maintain a connection between all the branches whether they are with in the city or out side the city.