Where ICTContact is providing many amazaing features it provides Emergency Notification System as well.If you are in a hurry and you need to send messages to a bunch of people and you dont have much time, instead of sending messages to people one by one or sending them a mail you can simply use Message Campaign to solve your problem and utilize this time in some other work. You are one click away from sending messages. You can decide either you want to send an SMS or you want to send a voice note. You are provided with the facility of both and many other such options that can do your work and save your time. Lets suppose manager of a large organization forgot to announce that tomorrow will be off and only 30 minutes are left in the off time.He can’t go in every department or to every person instead he can use this campaign to inform them. Even if they leave the office they will still get the messages. For creating Message campaign go to the :

  • Campaign management
  • Create Message campaign
  • Choose the contact list you want to send messages
  • Save your campaign
  • Start it and enjoy!

Once the campaign has delivered messages you can view the results in details as well. You can view details like how many messages were delivered who replied who answered etc.