ICTContact is an enterprise grade software for growing and mid-market businesses.When we refere to enterprise grade software what does it really mean? everyone has a different idea of what “enterprise software” really means, and some just use it as a marketing buzzword in hopes of instantly legitimizing their offerings.For us it means a software that has following characteristics:

• Extensibility

• Maintainability

• Interoperability

• Portability

Extensibility means “the ability to add/modify functionality without impacting existing functionality”. ICTContact has the ability to accommodate customer business rules and process into the existing functionality. What this means is that our software has ability to implement and configure complex business requirements into the existing software, or the ability to adapt the software to meet the customer needs, rather than asking clients to change.

Maintainability is “ability to correct flaws in the existing functionality without impacting other components/systems”.This software the ability for customers to maintain or change the configuration to meet their changing business environment without code change”. This has traditionally been a problem for many systems that have the ability to meet complex business requirements because the means of making the required changes, even though they may not be direct code changes, are difficult, if not impossible, for the average user to actually make.

Interoperability referes that the software needs to be operable from the common browsers along with mobile platforms like Android and Apple’s iOS. We only need some specifications and requirments for installation .Once you have installed it on your server you can use it any easily on any platform whether its Android, Web or iOS.

Portability means that software providers need to provide the means to extract the data for other purposes.ICTContact provides portability and you won’t have any problem in transfering or extracting data for other purposes.