ICTContact has elevated its platform by integrating robust collaboration features designed to streamline communication and enhance teamwork. The latest updates include agent-to-agent communication, enabling direct interactions for quick resolutions and efficient workflow. The agent group chat feature fosters collective discussions and information sharing within teams. Additionally, the new project module allows for task management and delegation, ensuring organized and timely project execution. An event calendar has also been introduced, helping teams to keep track of important dates, deadlines, and meetings. These enhancements in ICTContact empower businesses to achieve smoother communication and improved collaboration, driving productivity and success.

Followings are the advanced Collaboration features offered by ICTContact advance contact center software:

Agent-to-Agent Communication:

One of the standout features now available on ICTContact is agent-to-agent communication. This functionality allows for direct, real-time interaction between team members, fostering quick decision-making and efficient problem-solving. Whether it’s a quick query or an in-depth discussion, agent-to-agent communication ensures that employees can connect instantly, reducing delays and enhancing the overall workflow.

Admin will assign agent communication permissions to tenant and then all agents under this tenant can collaborate with each other. Otherwise agent will not able to see chat menus and online agent list.

agent can seen message and reply it as text message, video, sticker, image and document file.

agent can send media such as image, document and video.

Agent Chat group:

ICTContact now supports Agent Group Chat, facilitating real-time communication among team members. This feature allows agents to collaborate effectively, share information quickly, and resolve issues collectively. By enabling seamless group interactions, ICTContact ensures that teams can work together more efficiently, improving overall productivity and customer service quality.

Agent can also create groupchat for chat with multiple agent on same time.

Project and Task Module:

In addition to enhancing communication, ICTContact’s new project and task module is a game-changer for project management. This module allows teams to organize, assign, and track tasks with ease. Each project can be broken down into manageable tasks, assigned to specific agents, and monitored for progress. The task module includes deadlines, priority settings, and progress indicators, providing a clear overview of the project’s status and ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.

ICTContact allow admin to create project and also admin can add members/user for this project.

Admin can also create task under/for project and can assign it to other user. Admin can also set deadline for this task to complete in time. Admin can also update task status as done, in progress e.t.c.

Event Calendar module:

In ICTContact Event Calendar feature is added under Collaboration Feature. The Calendar module in ICTContact allows users to view and manage events in different calendars, both past and scheduled. It also allows users to export events. The module can display company events, workgroups, and personal calendars.


ICTContact has significantly enhanced its platform with advanced technology solutions designed to improve collaboration and ensure smooth communication. The latest updates introduce agent-to-agent communication, enabling real-time interactions and quicker issue resolution. The addition of agent group chat facilitates better teamwork and coordination, while the new project module task feature streamlines project management, allowing for efficient tracking and completion of tasks. Furthermore, the integrated event calendar keeps teams organized and on schedule. These enhancements make ICTContact an indispensable tool for businesses looking to foster a collaborative environment and improve overall operational efficiency.