Survey Campaign

ICTContact Survey campaign is to make automatic survey/polls without human intervention. You can add survey campaign in a few steps. It dials number from contact list, on answer by the recipient, asks set of questions and records their responses from recipient and prepares complete both summary and detail report for further analysis. Click here to see Survey Campaign supports two types of calling modes:
  • Outbound campaign based survey
  • Inbound campaign based survey

Outbound Survey Campaign

In Outbound survey when survey campaign starts it calls the contact list one by one, plays recording and saves the answers and prepares both summarized and detail reports for adminstration for further analysis.

Inbound Survey Campaign

In Inbound survey campaigns, campaigns starts and keep running in listening mode whenever a customer calls, survey campaign get activated itself and starts playing the preconfigured recordings / questions and saves the customer responses accordingly and prepare reports for administration. Inbound feature of Survey Campaign is helpful in many scenarios especially it is suitable in countries where there are restrictions in outbound autodialling also it saves logs of financial and human resources . Customers are always attracted to the companies that give priority to their customers. Inbound surveys show that customers are given value and their feedback matters.

Inbound Conditional Survey campaign

In Inbound Conditional Survey campaign permission is taken from the user to start the survey. When an inbound call is made Inbound Conditional Survey campaign plays pre-configured recordings/questions only after asking the person if they are interested in survey. All the inbound calls will be asked first and then survey starts. If the person declines it, it does not start the survey.

Survey 10 Questions

When a Survey Campaign starts it asks a number of questions from the customer that they can respond to, by using their telephone keypad. The maximum number of questions that ICTContact allows you to add in Survey Campaign is 10.

Invalid Choice Message Support

When a user presses a wrong digit in response of the question asked in survey campaign then Invalid Choice Message tells the user that he has pressed an Invalid key.
Whether its an Inbound Survey Campaign or an Outbound Survey Campaign Invalid Message Campaign support is added in both. How ICTContact survey campaign works Smart Inbound Call Center