ICTContact service provider (SP) edition has all the features of enterprise-grade software for its customers who want to become Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs) and want to provide their own broadcasting services (such as voice, sms, fax and email) to their customers. ICTContact is productive, scale able, fault-tolerant and secure software and also comes with monitoring, integration, upgrading and support services. Some other features that ICTContact SP edition have to support your business are listed below: Multi-tenant and Multi-campaign

ICTContact SP edition is a multi-tenant system that provides separate web portal for users and administrators. Every user can create unlimited number of campaigns running simultaneously.

System monitoring

ICT Broadcast SP edition provides all system monitoring features at one place (i.e. Dashboard) allowing Admin to monitor overall system resources, including nodes, users, channels and campaigns statistics. Multi-service Billing

ICTContact SP edition also provides various billing related reports that is a must have feature of multi-tenant environment. Apart from that, a summary and comprehensive detailed report of every campaign is also created that shows statistics related to the campaign.

Resource Management

ICT Broadcast SP edition helps to manage rates, routes, payments, channels, users and their permissions. Administrator can also manage system resources such as assigning or UN-assigning extensions and DIDs to users. Internationalization

ICTContact SP edition is multi-lingual system with built-in support of many of the mostly used languages on Internet and can easily extended to support any other language. Third Party Integration

ICTContact SP edition provides easy to use Restful APIs to integrate with a third party software such as CRM. Smartphone Client

ICT Broadcast SP edition Smartphone client (for Android Devices) is an easy to use Android App for your customers to create and run campaigns by quickly recording a voice message and sending it to their contacts.

Overall ICT Broadcast SP edition is a complete solution for anyone seeking to start their own business as an Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP).