ICTContact is a web based multi tenant software that provides each user with separate web portal and data. Through the separate web portal each user can have multiple agent. User can manage multiple agent and can view the agent live statistics. Each user can separately and independently run multiple campaigns and can monitor the progress of the campaigns as well.

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Roles in ICTContact Multi-tenant Support

There are basically two types of roles in ICTContact multi-tenant support.

  1. Administrator

The administrator can manage the overall system resources like managing users, configuring trunks, add new routes and destinations, make payments. The admin can monitor the users, their running campaign, some concurrent channels used and the balance of each user. The admin can also assign the extensions and DIDs to the user.


  1. User

The user can manage his contacts, voice recordings, fax and also each user can manage multiple agents and can view the live agent statistics. Each user can manage and monitor the multiple campaigns as well as can view the call detail report and his/her own balance.

ICTContact-Multiple-Campaign-Software, Mutlple-Campaign-Management-Software, Call-Detail-Monitoring-Software

  1. Agent

The agent can manage the campaigns assigned by the admin, start the campaign, stop the campaign. The agent can answer calls and can also hangup the call and can restart the campaign.