Non profit fund raising firms can use ICTContact to create awareness about their firm as well as about the cause they are raising their funds for. People always want to know that if they are donating or giving charity to a firm or NGO are they honest ? Will this money even go to the needy and for that you can explain your whole process to the nation via Message Campaign , Email Campaign , IVR Campaigns

Message campaign

Can be used to inform people about fund raising . You can guide people about your address and cause so they may know where to come . These messgaes can be sent in the form of SMS as well as audio of your choice. You have to create contact list , record a message and send it.

IVR Campaign

Comes in handy now as you can create an IVR you can ask people to send a response and they can record their answers if they want .

Survery Campaign

Is the best tool for survey. Use this campaign to know where your firm stands what people think about you, do they think you are trust worthy, are they willing to donate money ? All you have to do is create this campaign , save the questions send it to people.

Email Campign

You can send all your details to the multi national organizations or some high level firms explaining about the purpose of your fund raising and you can increase the number of funds this way.