In today’s competitive business landscape, personalized omnichannel communication has become essential for enterprises looking to connect with their audience on a deeper level and drive meaningful engagement. ICTContact stands at the forefront of this revolution, offering a comprehensive platform designed to streamline and optimize omnichannel communication experiences.

ICTContact has made a major advancement by incorporating omnichannel communication capabilities into its advanced contact center software. By adding WhatsApp chat and ejabberd integration for smooth chat messaging, ICTContact enables businesses to engage with their customers across different platforms. This new feature set guarantees a unified communication experience, boosting customer engagement and satisfaction. Through consolidating different communication channels into a comprehensive system, ICTContact facilitates efficient management and monitoring of customer interactions, leading to enhanced operational efficiency and superior service delivery.

ICTContact features whatsapp chat support, chat messaging support, in omnichannel communication.

Whatsapp chat support:

ICTContact features whatsapp chat support as omnichannel communication. This feature facilitated the agents to connect with destination number via whatsapp channel. For example if destination contact during campaign not answered the call or busy then agent can contact him on whatsapp and can deliver the information.

After configuring WhatsApp, the next step involves creating agents and granting them permission for chat messaging. In the Administration section of the navigation menu, users select “Agent/Extension” to access the agent list. From there, they add a new extension, inputting the necessary details such as the agent’s name, number, and forwarding options. It’s crucial to activate the web phone and enable chat messaging, providing a secret key for security.

the workflow for WhatsApp integration involves agents accessing their panel using their assigned credentials. Upon logging in, agents can add WhatsApp contacts by providing the contact name and phone number. Verification of contacts and subsequent messaging operations are executed seamlessly within the agent panel.

Agents can send various media types, including text messages, images, videos, stickers, and documents, enhancing communication capabilities.

ICTContact allows Admin to monitor overall chat history and interactions across all agents. This oversight is facilitated through the “Reports” section, where administrators can access detailed data lists and WhatsApp message logs.

Ejabberd Integration for chat messaging:

ICTContact integrates with ejabberd tool for the converse chat between agents. After said integration now ICTContact offers feature of converse chat between agents either agents of same tenant as well as agents of other tenant. Agents can also create group for group conference chats and can discuss problems and make decisions.

After adding configuration of ejabberd in ictbroadcast next step is to create user on ejabberd server on virtual host/domain name that you configured in ejabberd server. After creating user, now create the agent on ictbroadcast with the same name and passowrd that you created on ejabberd server. Admin also allowed chat messaging to agent for accessing converse chat in agent panel.

When we create agent as same of user of ejjaber server then when agent login in agent panel converse chat automatically open and connected.



Agent can send text message, document and emojies sticker to another agent/contact.



ICTContact’s advanced contact center software now includes robust omnichannel communication capabilities, revolutionizing customer interaction by integrating WhatsApp chat and ejabberd for seamless messaging. These enhancements enable businesses to engage with customers across multiple platforms, ensuring a consistent and responsive communication experience. With the addition of these features, ICTContact empowers organizations to streamline their workflows, improve customer satisfaction, and achieve superior contact management through a unified communication strategy. Experience the power of omnichannel communications with ICTContact and elevate your customer engagement to new heights.