Thousands of Concurrent channels

ICTContact supports thousands of concurrent channels (500 channels per server). Through these concurrent channels admin can place thousands of calls simultaneously.

Admin can also change the number of concurrent channels but one thing that admin should notice that number of concurrent channel must not exceed selected package range.

Unified-Communication-Centre, Connrrent-Channel-Application

Database Replications

ICTContact always keeps the backup of the database on separate node so that in case if the running node fails we can switch to another node. It synchronizes the database between different nodes.

ICTContact-Data-Backup-Access-server, Backup-Create-Webrtc

Campaign load balancing for voice traffic

In case if a campaign is too heavy to run on one server we also provide campaign load balancing to run it on multiple server so that campaign runs successfully.

This way it load balances campaign for heavy traffic.

Campaign-load-Balancing-Application, Progressive-Dialer-Software