vvThese campaigns of ICTContact can be implemented in many fields to improve the business. During Elections the representative need to create awareness about their election campaigns about the facilities they will be providing to people. No political party or any individual can go to every house in a town to create awareness and this is where the campaigns of ICTContact come in handy. All you have to is create campaigns of your choice. You can use message campaign, IVR Campaigns to spread out the word.

Message Campaign

Create this campaign write your message Create a contact list having numbers of all the or most of the people of your town Save it Hit the Send button

IVR Campaign

User can create this campaign from the tab menu choose a recording to send enter a contact list save it hit the send button The recordings can be recorded and uploaded. You can even ask questions and take input or can listen to the answers people recorded.

Survey Campaign

This campaign can be used to view how many people are supporting . Create this campaign Add your questions Enter the contact list Save Send You can run these campaigns simultaneously and view the detailed statistics after they have completed.These campaign will help you to know where you stand and how many people are willing to support you.

Reminder Campaign

We can use reminder campaign to remind people of the election dates or seminars.