You may not guess if you have been in a queue or the purpose of queues in call center by their name but you sure have been in a queue if you called any customer care services and you were put on hold or asked to wait. The call queue is where customers are placed after completing any interactive voice response prompts but before a call center representative has spoken with them. In more casual terms, this would often be referred to as “being on hold”. Call queues are central to the effectiveness of call centers and customer service. Call centers use a variety of methods, tools, and practices to lower the average time that a caller spends in the call queue. The goal is to have the lowest average call queue time possible,as nobody likes to be on hold or stuck on the phone. When someone calls for customer service, they want prompt service and quick responses. The longer someone is stuck in a caller queue, the less happy and satisfied they are going to be.

ICTContact has the solution to this problem as it offers an amazing feature for call centers. Call centers can now play custom music On Hold or Pre-recorded message in many ways by using ictcontact one of the way is to implement IVR campaign to ask their customers to wait, they can take inputs from their customers in queue, they can play any recorded message , they can play any audio, they can ask their customers to record their messgaes instead of waiting in short ictcontact has provided solution to many problems of a call center.