Sales is a business which can succeed only if you advertise your products.Whether its a small firm or a large business organization they need a way to interact within their organization and Agent campaign does this job very well as it establishes internal connection along with external connection.The employees can easily interact with each other by just dialing the extension codes.

Message Campaign

Can be used to inform the employees about holidays, timings or can be used to send any general information related to organization.Not only this but also the advertisement of products can be done in efficient way using message campaign. You can send SMS to people to let them know about your existing products as well upcoming products.If you provide any discount they can be informed about discounts using this campaign which would result in increase of sales.

Email Campaign

Can be used for advertisement and for interacting with the employees. To send any written details to all the employees rather than sending mails to employees one by one it is easier to create a contact list and click one button send to deliver your mail to all the people.

Fax Campaign for sending documents to each other.

Appointment Campaign has a wide use as it can remind the employees of upcoming meetings which will help the employees to perform better and eliminate the chance of missing important dates.