Auto dialer is a software that is capable of calling thousand of calls from a contact list or database .It is also called automatic dialer. Using a software and a modem a computer can be programmed automatically to dial a list of numbers. Auto dialers not only dial numbers but they are capable of playing a recorded message when a person picks up the call. They are not efficient enough to detect if answering machine is on the other side but they can make predictions , they are capable of forwarding the call to the live agent. If the auto dial-er dials a number, plays the pre-recorded message this is known as robocalling ICTContact is a Smart Predictive Auto Dialer software that has all the features and built-in capabilities to process multiple simultaneous automatic calls, play recorded message prompts and transfer call to agents if the recipient wants to transfer by pressing some DTMF key. ICTContact is the best auto dialer software in the market .

From making calls to connect between 2 points to playing recorded messages are some the forms of how auto dialers work. Though, it can acquire several forms. It can be a simple Voice broadcasting to Smart predictive dialing. Following are few of the important telephony concepts related to auto dialers that will help you to compare features of ICTContact with voice broadcasting and telephone autodialer software. All of the below dialing techniques can be converted to an auto dialing technique by replacing human attendants at the calling terminal with an auto dialer software. For example, predictive dialer can be called predictive auto dialer and so on. Following auto dialer techniques are arranged in order of increasing complexity:

Voice Broadcasting: It allows you to deliver a message that has been pre-recorded to answering machines and live call answers by humans. If a new call status is mentioned, such as busy, away, etc then the phone systems have the capability to schedule the call for another time and date. Messages that are simple can be delivered to the recipient or an IV script is presented to the recipient that can accept responses from touch gadgets.

Preview dialer: by this, the phone assistants can view the information of the call, before even placing the call. The assistant has a free choice to decide whether he wants to initiate the call or not by this awesome technique.

Progressive dialer: it has an added advantage. The phone assistant can view the caller information on the same time the caller is dialing the number. However, the caller can only view the information for just few seconds and can also not stop call from connecting or proceeding. This is commonly referred as Force Preview Dialing.

Predictive dialer: This technique uses various techniques to minimize the time between dialing and further connecting the call to live agents. This technique allows phone agent to dial several phone numbers at the same time. Once the call is answered, predictive dialer tries to connect to the agents. However, the recorded messages that are played to the recipient when they answer the call are simple recording or IVR asking them to press some digit on their phone.

Smart predictive dialer: This is similar to predictive dialer except that the voice messages are not the simple ones. Smart predictive dialer plays personalized messages using custom variables, text-to-speech and recorded messages when recipient answers the call. On some key press by recipient (usually key 1), smart predictive dialer connects call to the agent for further communication.