AMD Action is available for all the campaigns offered by ICTContact.Users are given the choice to enable as well as disable this option. AMD Action: (Answering Machine Detection) provides us three options:

  1. Disable
  2. Hangup
  3. Message

1 .Disable

When it is disabled, it ignores Answering Machine and completes the campaign.

  1. Hangup

When hang up is selected, it detects AMD if found then hangup the call otherwise continue normally.

  1. Message

Third option is to leave message, it detects AMD if found then plays a different message and then hangup. It has another field for Message recorded for answering machine

Campaigns are smart up to some extent to identify if a person picked up a call or if it’s Answering machine, if a person picks up the call the campigns handles them differently. The user can use AMD Detection which plays different messges on the counter of a live person.