ICTContact allows user to manage Extensions, Trunks, DIDs, Recordings, SMS and Faxes. All these options are required when user need to create a campaign. In other words, whenever user want to create a campaign of his/her choice, user first needs to come to settings to upload some recordings, SMS or faxes, and add trunks, and extensions . The task of an admin is to configure trunks and allocate available extensions to the agents. He is the one who manages extensions . He can create a single extension or a batch of extension depending on his needs. Extensions can be created by following the steps given below:

  1. Login in the Admin account.
  2. Moving to Agent/Extension panel.
  3. He can either choose New Extension to add a single one or Create Extension in Batch to create more than one extension.
  4. When we choose to add single extension we specify the extension agent to whom it will be specified web phone SIP or IAX password
  5. To create extensions in batch we specify the range of the extensions, web phone SIP or IAX password