Recording is an area where user will upload recordings or audio files. Thesefiles could be messages, survey questions, introductory message etc. If user don’t have recordings. Don’t worry, system also provides user with TTS (text-to-speech) feature. Select recording type to Text and write text that user want to play. System will create its recording and that message will be played. System also provides user with a feature to play the sound that user uploaded or written text. The required format of sound file needs to be 8 Khz sampling rate , 16 bit mono and supported types is wav file . User can use one of following methods to create 8 khz 16 bit mono wav files.

  1. Microsoft Windows built-in recording tool “Sound Recorder”
  2. TTS (Text-to-speech) programs Open source solution like espeak, flite and festival and commercial solutions like cepstral, ispeech and voiceforge. This feature has been added to new version
    of ICTContact using festival TTS program. Now user just writes text, its audio will be created by system.
  3. Open source software audacity for audio recording and editing
  4. Professional voice overs from professionals from providers like voice123