When running telemarketing and auto-dialling voice broadcasting campaigns , Admin have to make sure that recipients / customers receives
these call in proper and suitable time also there are legal restrictions in some countries to communicate people or business in legitimate time schedule on other case service provider can face
legal issues .

ICTContact provides complete solution and admin can manage time-zone based restrictions on outbound calls and campaigns. It works in accordance with TCPA Law that prohibits calling residences before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m., local time also there is option for admin to pre configure time based restrictions with destination numbers .

It uses area code for the time zone calculation to prevent any kind of disturbances. It gives option to choose time zone from the drop-down menu or choose the country time.

This new feature protects you from any legal issue , Admin can impose time zone based restriction globally as well as locally means admin can restrict all system users to run campaigns in proper legtimate time also he too can run and schedule campaigns in working hours. Admin can freely start any campaign and schedule its timing and campaign will automatically run and stop daily as per given schedule and time zone restrictions.

If you have any trouble in setting time zone view

Scheduling With Campaign Scheduling

Destination based scheduling of telemarketing campaigns