ICTContact offers a survey campaign feature that enables you to run voice-based surveys asking recipients multiple questions, and then creating useful reports from the survey responses. Learn more about ICTContact

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Poll software

Survey Campaign supports two types of calling modes:

  • Outbound campaign based survey
  • Inbound campaign based survey

For more info click Inbound Dialing feature in Survey Campaign

ICTContact Auto Dialer software has a survey campaign for telephone surveys and polls. This auto dialer software automatically dials a list of numbers and asks them a set of questions that they can respond to, by using their telephone keypad. You can schedule when to make calls, record your questions using ICTContact voice recording features and run campaign. You can view graphical charts and reports for your survey campaign and analyze recorded responses from your prospects.

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Detail survey reporting with an example scenario

Following are the four questions along with options for each .

Options for Question 1:

Options for Question 2:

Options for Question 3:

Options for Question 4:

Following screenshots shows the results of survey campaign. Summarized results of Question 1 and 2:

Summarized results of Question 3 and 4:

Clicking on any of the result link will show detailed report of that question options. Click here to read more about survey campaign.

Survey Auto Dialer Features

Automatically place telephone calls & convey voice messages
Schedule start and stop times for each day of the week
Import a list of contact numbers
Filter contacts through DNC (Do Not Call) lists
Gives recipients the option of being added to a Do Not Call List
Configurable number of delivery attempts for busy or no answer calls
Play a different message if call answered by answer machine
Ask up to 10 different questions
Support for Open-ended questions for recipient to speak and record its response
Switch between open-ended questions and close-ended questions
End call after any question depending on person’s response.
Reports the results of calls, as well as responses to each questions.
Reports can be exported for further analysis.
Displays call statistics

Survey 10 Questions

When a Survey Campaign starts it asks a number of questions from the customer that they can respond to, by using their telephone keypad. The maximum number of questions that ICTContact allows you to add in Survey Campaign is 10.

Invalid Choice Message Support

When a user presses a wrong digit in response of the question asked in survey campaign then Invalid Choice Message tells the user that he has pressed an Invalid key.
Whether its an Inbound Survey Campaign or an Outbound Survey Campaign Invalid Message Campaign support is added in both.

Click here to read more about survey campaign.

Inbound dialing feature in Survey Campaigns

Voice Feedback in Survey Campaign