Both ICTBroadcast & ICTContact  are unified communications dialing  software solutions  with focus on  business automation,  ICTBroadcast  focus on full automation, it features  robocalling, voice broadcasting, fax blasting, voice surveys as well as agent based communication, complete inbound / outbound call center features and verity of business scenarios while ICTContact focus only agent and call center based communications and related business scenarios and it does not auto dialer features such as robocalling, voice broadcasting, fax blasting, It is focused on Contact Centers and CRM business automatons and related scenarios, in short we can say that ICTContact focus on human based communications  while ICTBroadcast focus on machine based communications

The main differentiating feature is  that ICTBroadcast possesses a predictive dialer feature whereas the ICTContact entails a progressive dialer. In a predictive dialer solution, there are built-in capabilities to make multiple automatic calls simultaneously, or play an IVR message as well as transferring calls to a live agent as commanded by the recipient who presses a certain DTMF key whereas a progressive dialer connects customers to agents without any automatic IVR interaction. In Progressive Mode, the dialer goes through the contact lists across several campaigns according to the pace of the user’s operations. It only makes calls when an agent is readily available to. ICTContact requires an agent to be operational. Agents make particular campaigns manually to generate leads and obtain results.





Progressive Mode SupportNM
Predictive Mode supportMN
Email CampaignNN
Interactive CampaignMN
Inbound CampaignNN
Appointment ReminderNN
Integration CampaignNN
CRM IntegrationNN
Agent CampaignNN
SMS CampaignNN
Fax BlastingMN
Voice BroadcastingMN
Survey CampaignMN
Inbound Call-CenterNN
IVR StudioNN
Agents based live reportingNN
Queue based live statisticsNN
Agent evaluation reportsNN
Live call monitoringNN
Scalable to thousands of agentsNN
Custom Caller IDNN
Realtime Campaign ManagementMN
Multi-service BillingNN
Rates and Routes ManagementNN
Load BalancingNN
Branding / White LabelNN
CDR ReportsNN