ICTContact provides the complete monitoring of the system where user can manage the overall campaign statistics, live campaign progress, active calls list, queue and agent statistics and system statistics.


Through dashboard admin can monitor the following:

  • Total Campaign Launched

  • Contact Dialed

  • System Status

    • Total Logged-in Users
    • Total Active Campaigns
    • Total Active Channels
  • Server Status
  • My Active Campaigns

  • All Active Campaigns

  • Logged-in Users

  • Node Statistics

ICTContact-Cloud-Call-Cenre, ICTContact-Call-Monitoring-Software, Call-Centre-Software

ICTContact-Real-Time-Queue-Software, ICTContact-Calling-Software

ICTContact-Contact-Centre, Agent-statistics-Software

Agent Evalution

Through agent evalution we can monitor the agent performance and for how much long agent was logged in to the system, total calls processed by the specific agent and also we can filter out the desired agent performance through Evaluation report.

The user can also print the agent performance report and can also export the agent record.

ICTContact-Evaluation-Form, ICTContact-Progressive-Dialer

ICTContact-Agent-Evaluation, Call-Centre-Software

ICTContact-Evaluation-Report-Software, ICTContact-Webphone-Software

ICTContact-Evaluation-Item-Report, Unified-Contact-centre