Where ICTContact offers us many brilliant features, running multiple campaigns is one of the most likeable feature. You can run more than one campaign and save your time. The first step for this is to Set up the campaigns. You need to login to your your account and click on campaigns tab on main menu bar to access this functionality. It has two menu items. That is Campaign Management and Campaign Summary. These two are described below.

Campaign Management

When a User clicks on Campaign Management menu, it will open a page . Here user is provided with various options for campaign management.

  1. Add new: User can create a new campaign
  2. Modify: Modify/Edit existing campaign parameters before it starts
  3. Action: Start and Stop Campaigns manually
  4. Monitor: Monitor Live calls of Campaign
  5. Results: Call statistics of completed calls with data that called contact entered Delete Selected button: Deletes selected campaigns

Add New Campaign

User can access this option from:

  1. Click on “Campaign” tab.
  2. Click on “Campaign Management” tab.
  3. Click on “Add New”
  4. Select the type of campaign (e.g. Voice, Fax and SMS)

ICTContact provides all the campaigns into three main categories i.e. Voice, Fax and SMS. Voice Campaign is further categorized into Message, Agent, Interactive, Survey and Inbound campaign types.

By following the above instructions one can create more than one campaign.Once you have created your campaigns you can run them simultaneously by clicking the button start , with in seconds you will view that these campaigns are running smoothly.