Contact Center is a central place of communication for an organization to communicate globally and telemarketing his products along with providing call center and support services to its customers .Contact Center is business division with an organization that manages customer interactions.Contact Center has been provided with a software that allow the contacts information to be routed to appropriate people,contacts to be tracked,data to be gathered and to resolve the customer issues quickly.Contact Center is placed where messages in variety of media are sent and recieved.Contact Center handle the inbound and outbound customer communication over multiple channels such as telephone, web, chat, email, messaging apps, social media, text, fax, and traditional mail.

Contact Center Important Capabilities:

  1. Cloud-based contact centers A hosted cloud provider internet server, a point through which the inbound and outbound all communications filter.They are accessible through anywhere over the internet and function the same as other contact centers.
  2. Hosted contact centers A contact center through which the contact center facilities are given to another company, that manages the system externally.It lead to better return on investment(ROI) for companies by minimizing upfront costs and maintenance.
  3. Virtual contact centers It allow the agents that are employed by the company to work remotely from home.It allows the agent flexibility and comfort, while simultaneously lowering costs for the company.

Contact Center Features:

  1. Social Media: Twitter have become most popular customer communication platform of the Social media platform.It is made important for the companies to support these channels.
  2. Mobile Access: It is a demand of customers support for mobile-friendly communication services,such as application and text support.
  3. Video Telephony: FaceTime and Skype such as (IP/video) telephony services allow the customers to interact with the companies using video chat,allowing face-to-face interactions.
  4. Advanced Analytic: These analytic play an important role in predicting customer behavior. Speech analytic is used to monitor,evaluate and train contact center employees.

Contact Center Technology:

Contact Center technology infrastructure is refer to as a set of hardware, software and network components to efficiently operate a contact center, as VOIP Telephony and LAN Network.Technology within Contact Center includes:

  1. Automatic call distributor(ACD) system: ACD is a computerized system that analyze the income call and distribute the call based on varying factors.
  2. Email response management system: It is a system that collects and analyzes the customer inquiries submitted through email,and route the inquiries to the appropriate agent.
  3. Interactive voice response (IVR): It is a computer-based system that enables customers to use a keypad or voice commands to provide information without the assistance of a human agent.
  4. Knowledge management system: It is a central repository of information that can be easily searched, helping to cut down on agent training time.

5. Work Force Management System It is a computerized system that helps with scheduling and staffing agents and managing agent performance.