ICTContact has released a new billing module for ICTContact Service Provider edition. This module will allow to be used as Client Management and Billing front-end for Auto Dialer service, After integration with WHMCS system will be able to provide a complete business platform for broadcasting services including Website, package listing, automated order and Account provisioning. Following are few billing scenarios which can be achieved by ICTContact for voice, fax, sms and email broadcasting business.

  • Pay as you go
  • Monthly subscription
  • Usage quota
  • Account topup

Service providers those already using ICTContact SP can setup this integration to fully automate their white label service. For new service providers here is link to guide describing that How to start your own online business to offer voice, fax, sms or email broadcasting services by using ICTContact Service Provider Edition then this module with ICTContact and WHMCS will make your objective really simple. You can establish all required setup within a day and you will be ready to launch your business.. Following are more details about the features this module will introduce in existing ICTContact platform.

Auto provisioning of Service

From user registration to order checkout the front-end integration (WHMCS) will handle every thing including online payments. Without any interaction required from admin, after payment confirmation the front-end module is responsible to setup new ICTContact account for user and email all required details to that user including ICTContact login access.

Package Customization

It is very common business model to charge bulk client differently or providing choices for client to select different packages as per their requirements and budget. With WHMCS and ICTContact integration business owner / system admin will be able to design and offer multiple packages according to their own business model. While creating new packages admins can decide available resources from ICTContact and their limits for the package buyer. further admin can decide subscription time duration and define subscription cost. following is a list of features which can be customized from package management.

Rate Plan

Just like VoIP providers, ICTContact’s admin can already define multiple rate plans to offer bulk users a comparatively lower call cost. Now with WHMCS integration admin can link these rate plans with subscription packages. A user subscribing to specific package will be charged only according to that rate plan. All outgoing calls will be billed accordingly.

No. of Channels

Package can specify allowed number of concurrent channels. number entered in this field will serve as upper limit for outgoing concurrent calls. At any given time in ICTContact user will not be able to cross that limit regardless number of active campaigns.

Free Credit / Minute

Who does not like free credit? everyone does. With ICTContact admin can assign free credit / minute quota with selected packages. depending on package this quota can remain or get reset after each renewal / monthly payment.

One Time Cost / Setup Fee

Every one like free signup or pay what they need. but some time admins are required to apply some upfront cost on new signup to meet their business cost. With WHMCS it can be achieved with onetime fee option.

Renewal and Recurring Payments

Alternatively to one time fee. admin can also define packages which are required to be renewed after a specified time period (monthly, quarterly etc …). for those packages system will automatically generate invoices and remainder emails will be sent to client before due date. In case client fails to pay his/her dues their service can be suspended and their subscription can be revoked after specified number of days.

Account TopUp ( prepaid credit )

Different then listed packages sometime clients are required to refill / recharge their account. for that purpose admin can create separate topup packages. on purchasing such package user’s account will be credited in ICTContact accordingly.

Package upgrade / downgrade

If client wants to change his package, either he/she want to upgrade it or downgrade. he can request admin to switch their package with the selected one. ICTContact will adjust this change accordingly while keeping all user data intact.

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