Now you can choose your target communication medium from a range of Voice, SMS, Fax and Email. There is no need to look for a separate platform for Email campaigns. Everything is bundled into a single software package.


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Creating personalized messages using custom tokens in Email campaign

Email campaign integration into ICTContact proves its commitment to become a market leader in unified communications auto dialer software. Email campaign is an add-on component of ICTContact. But it’s built-in features and seamless integration into the main software makes it ideal for telemarketers seeking a single platform for all broadcasting and telemarketing needs.

DNC Support in Email Campaign

DNC (DO NOT CALL) Support in Email Campaign creates a list of emails and it contains all those Email Addresses that do not want to be mailed. This list can be populated manually as well as automatically when some call recipient chooses to opt out.

It is similar to DNC list of numbers as that number list contains the numbers that do not want to be called.