Through ICTContact the admin can monitor the complete log of call activity.

Campaign Monitoring

Through ICTContact the admin can monitor the campaigns. It provides the detailed Campaign Summary menu through which admin can view the

  • Total numbers of calls placed in a campaign
  • Calls Failed
  • Ignored
  • Blocked (DNC)
    • Schedule Expired
    • Invalid Number
  • Pending
    • Pending Retries
  • Total Calls

Admin can filter the specific campaign result. Admin can also print the campaign summary. Admin can export the campaign summary to csv file.

It generates specific report for each type of campaign and admin can export the specific campaign results.

ICTContact-campaign-summary, Campaign-statistics-detail


It provides the dashboard through which admin can monitor the following:

  • Total Campaign Launched

  • Contact Dialed

  • System Status

    • Total Logged-in Users
    • Total Active Campaigns
    • Total Active Channels
  • Server Status
  • My Active Campaigns

  • All Active Campaigns

  • Logged-in Users

  • Node Statistics

ICTContact-System-Statistics, ICTContact-Dashboard-webrtc

ICTContact-Dashboard-active-campaign, ICTContact-Call-centre


Agent Evaluation Report

ICTContact provides the agent evaluation report through which admin can monitor the agent performance. For how long the agent was logged into the system, Total number of calls processed by the agent and the extension assigned to the agent. Moreover it also provides the option to print and export the agent evaluation report.