ICTContact brings another amazing feature for call centers and Agents! Web Phone. What is a WebPhone? and How does it help Agents? A Webphone is WebRTC based phone that allows agents to receive calls using their browsers without any additional hardware or software.
ICTContact offers integrated webphone for agents. Not only can it receive forwarded calls, but also enables agents to perform the following actions.
  1. Load contact details from CRM as popup / CRM
  2. Load campaign Dialogues / script for personalized communications
  3. Call Transfer
  4. Set agent status Available / Unavailable

Campaign Dialogue / Scripts

It provides you an option to display campaign script/dialogue for each prospect. Agents can configure this functionality by creating campaigns with a dialogue option. You can create the dialogues / personal scripts in the following way:

Create Dialogue

In ICTContact
  • go to the Message menu,
  • Choose Dialogue / Script menu
  • Click Create new
Fill out all the fields and click save Note: User can make a dynamic/customized dialogue by using Tokens, to add tokens in dialogue please click on Show available tokens
Create Dialogue

How to Create New Campaign with Web-phone support.

ICTContact provides integration of WebPhone in two Campaigns only. Agent Campaign Interactive / Press 1 Campaign To configure these campaigns you need to follow the steps given below:
  • Add URL of CRM for popup
  • Select a suitable Dialogue
Add URL of CRM for popup
When using WebPhone, Agent campaign and interactive campaigns can be configured to trigger a Popup on the agent screen, the same URL should point to some CRM or other contact center. URL can be configured in Contact URL field as shown in the following image, further user can also contact tokens to build contact URL.
Enter URL
Select Dialogue / Script
in agent campaign / interactive campaigns , there is an option of Dialogue / Script is given under General option section and user can select recently created dialogue here.
Select Dialogue

Using webphone

User can even access integrated webphone by selecting the desired extension from top Agent Panel dropdown
Select Extension

Set agent status

ICTContact provides an option to change the status of the Agent as well.
You can set the status of the agent by clicking status button. You can set the status either available or leave Note: Only Available agent can receive forwarded calls
Agent Presence

Call Transfer

Transferring a call is not an issue now as call can be transferred to the desired extension by clicking the call transfer button and then selecting desired extension
Call Transfer

Load Contact

You can view and edit prospect details by clicking on load contact. Please note that it is different from the popup URL. Instead of a popup, it will redirect the current window to ICTContact’s internal contact record where user can edit/update it accordingly.

Keypad / DTMF

Handy keys are provided to the agent for operating the webphone.
A list of useable key sequences that agent can use for different purposes is given below:
  • For hangup press *0
  • For call transfer press #1 and then enter target extension number alternatively (without pressing any key) agent can select target number from transfer drowdown button
  • For attended call transfer press #2 followed by the target extension